Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Robby's 1st baptism!

this week has been really awesome tho. prob. the biggest spiritual experiance of my life. its been really weird cuz i have been trying to prepare myself spiritual so like all i have been doing is praying reading anf teaching..... i did it all this week because i had my first baptizm this week.... Olga Gemarange. she is this little old lady we have been teach both transfors and we set up a date for her and i baptizmed her. it was pretty awesome. even elder passos was like this was a weird week for both of us. he said he could reallt tell the missionary spirit was with both of us. i liked it. but for me.... it was realyl weird. but ya i have been getting letters from granny and its really awweseom to get letters from her. im really excited for that package tho. but our area has been really good his week. alot more people ahev opened their doors for us so come in and and teach them. so ya really good week this week. ...... i dont thinki have lost any wieght..... i workout everyday and eatreally good elder passos wants to loss weight so we have been eating healthy... somehtin he hasnt done for 6 transfors. but i miss everyone back home and cant wait to hear from u guys soon in just a few months and it goes by so fast. but i really miss u guys ad love u guys tell dad i said i love hima nd tell chase i said whats up. and everyone i said hello! but i love u guys and ill hear from u next week


The Jones Family said...

Way to go Robby! Congrats!

Tina said...

Yeah Robby!