Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Letter from Robby!

hi granny! its good to hear from u guys! everythin is going really awesome here... i can eat anythin i want to here they have everythin they do back home. we have a shoprite here and its like bashas. just they dont have cakes and cookies like back home. man what i would do for some good sweets. ya but it passes by so so fast. its weird to think i have been other for 3 months now. i just got here! im in the city tho so there r a lot of run down hotels that we knock doors for. we do alot of walking too our area is about 3 quarts of a mile away then we start to work... so ya but ya we get to play a lot of soccer here... san volleyball too. ya but the tarwater will never leave in my with sports. tell everyone hi for my granny and that i miss them. love u guys


mamasetta said...

such a cute letter.. go Elder Tarwater

Monroe Family said...

What a good kid! We are proud of you Robby!