Monday, October 15, 2007

Elder TARH20...

Here's the latest from Robby!:

HI GRANNY!!!! thats so awesome about everyone playing football... they have to keep up that tarwater image that pop started for us.i know they will do good though, they have to they r tarwaters. u raised some good kids granny, and i know ur still raising them now. i sure do miss everythin back home. i miss sunday night dinners SOOO bad. i need some old fashion cooking. i try to make a cake or brownies every sunday night... to try and bring back the tarwater desserts. but it will never be the same. i havnt got a new companion yet.... transfers r next week. man time flies by here on a mission. but im lovin it here and i know i dont want to be anywere else. i have never found the scriptures to be so much fun just looking stuff up. i can already feel my testimony growing just from that. well i love u granny and tell pop i said hello and i miss u guys. tell everyone back home i said hi too. and i miss all u guys.


Chad & Brittany Kelly said...

Granny I love the new background, if I do say so myself! So cute!


The Jones Family said...

Ha your a dork Britt. But seriously way cute background...seriously britt give up the web site to me!